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Vintage vs Modern Wedding Cars

Tuesday, August 4th, 2009

Modern Wedding Cars

More reliable

If you have a large distance to travel on your wedding day, then a modern, contemporary wedding car will be more appropriate than a vintage car. The fact is modern cars are generally more reliable. The advances in technology over the last couple of decades has made latter-day cars a lot more reliable than the previous generations of wedding cars. Having said that if a vintage car does go wrong then it’s loving owner/chauffeur/mechanic may be able to rectify the situation and get you on your way again. Contemporary cars are a lot more sophisticated and chances are will require a trip back to the garage to be plugged into high tech diagnostic systems as opposed to an expert thump with a hammer which could remedy an ailing vintage car.


Modern wedding cars are a lot safer than older cars. Depending on the vintage of a classic wedding car, the vehicle may not have airbags, crumple zones and even seat belts. Similar to the advances made by Formula 1 racing cars, modern cars are so much safer. Computers have helped motor manufacturers develop increasingly safer models. Even in the last ten years cars have made a major step forward with regards to safety. The Euro NCAP safety ratings have also helped push car manufacturers towards safer and safer designs. So if safety is your priority then choose a modern wedding car.

Available to hire outside of the wedding service

Modern wedding cars when hired from a licensed private hire company are also available for journeys after the wedding reception also. This rule does vary from area to area, but in London, you may not use a non licensed vehicle and driver for these extra journeys. Most vintage wedding cars and their drivers are unlicensed, so they would not be able to transport you to Gatwick Airport for example.

More expensive

A modern wedding car, especially a luxury Mercedes S Class, Bentley or Rolls-Royce will be more expensive to hire than their vintage equivalents. Unless the vintage car is extremely rare it is likely to be less expensive than a modern vehicle. For example you could buy a nice old Mercedes for 5 to 10 thousand pounds, the modern S Class could be ten times that amount to buy. Similarly a reasonable Rolls-Royce could be brought for ten or twenty thousand, where a new Rolls-Royce Phantom could be over 300 thousand pounds! A new car is only new for a little while too, so in order to hire one of these modern cars you should expect to pay more than an older generation.

Better condition

A fifty year old car will generally show some rough edges. Possibly a few tears in the leather work, worn seats or even a little rust might be found in these older cars, new vehicles generally won’t have this problem.

Better specifications

New cars, and especially high end vehicles come laden with every extra going. From electric seats and windows, to air conditioning, as well as in car entertainment in the form of CD players generally make modern cars the clear winner in this comparison with vintage cars.

Vintage Wedding Cars

More flair?

For all the improvements and features of modern wedding cars, classic vintage wedding cars can sometimes have something that modern cars will never have – charisma (or should this be carisma?). This is subjective of course, but the flowing curves of a classic Bentley are generally more ‘romantic’ than that of a modern car design. This vintage style may or not appeal to you, but if it does then you might decide that a vintage wedding car is the only one you would have roll up for your wedding.

More affordable

Many classic wedding cars are available to hire for a lot better rate than a new car. Sometimes the owner will offer wedding hire for a very good deal, as they just want to cover their expenses and have an excuse to take their loved one out for a spin.


There is no clear winner here both vintage and modern wedding cars have their advantages and weaknesses. Not everybody, even if they could afford it would want a brand new Rolls-Royce Phantom wedding car and by the same token a car built before 1970 will not appeal to all. But by bearing in mind the types of journeys you want to take in your wedding car and deciding if you need air-conditioning or other modern features will help you find the perfect car for your wedding day. Be it vintage or modern, classic or contemporary choose the right one for you and you will have a stylish marriage.

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