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Is your wedding car too cheap?

When it comes to wedding car hire, the old adage "if it sounds too good to be true… then it probably is" could not be more prevalent. Wedding car hire, especially in a recession can potentially ruin or make your wedding day. You may have decided on your wedding car, it could be a budget wedding car or a brand-new Rolls-Royce Phantom. So you have searched high and low, getting quotes for your wedding car of choice, and it may be very tempting to go with the cheapest wedding car quote you have found, but before you give the wedding car company your booking or a deposit, check to make sure that you have chosen a legitimate wedding car supplier.

Remember you are not shopping for a bag of peas in your local supermarket. You are choosing a very specific item, one that could be described as a luxury item. Typically a wedding car could cost many thousands of pounds. Also, a decent wedding car chauffeur will need paying also. For a wedding car company to survive, they have to make a profit. They do not do this just for fun.


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